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  1. Animal Advisory, picture of three baby racoons in a tree

    Wild animals can be adorable but may also carry diseases

    Baby animals are irresistible, but they may be dangerous if they carry an animal-borne disease like rabies or have an aggressive mother nearby. The best protection is to avoid contact all together. Teach children to stay away from all wild animals. Read on...
  2. You Could Win $1 Million If You Are Vaccinated by June 30, 2021

    If You’re Vaccinated Against COVID-19, You Could Win $1 Million

    These safe, effective, and life-saving vaccines could give you the opportunity to win $1 million from the State of Colorado. If you’re vaccinated and 18 or older, you’re automatically entered to win. Read on...
  3. NewsFlash TCHD to Level Clear

    Tri-County Health Department Moves Adams and Arapahoe Counties to Level Clear May 16

    On May 16, the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) will move Adams and Arapahoe counties to Level Clear on the Simplified Dial, entering the Phase 2 Observation Period of the Public Health Order Simplified COVID-19 Dial issued in April. Read on...
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  5. Walking in park

    Board of Health Actions

    Find out what resolutions were voted upon by the Board of Health during the last meeting. Additional Info...