Child Care

Child care centers include full day centers, preschools, before- and after-school programs, summer camps, drop-in centers, and group homes. Tri-County Health Department inspects almost 750 child care centers in our three counties, which collectively serve about 55,000 children. These health inspections help to reduce the risk of exposure to infectious diseases and food-borne illnesses.

Child Care Health Regulations

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New Radon Testing Requirements - Radon testing must be conducted for existing licensed child care facilities by May 17, 2017. For new child care facilities, testing must be conducted within 6 months of occupancy. Test results must be on file at each facility and available for review. For more information:

Health Requirements

Licensed child care facilities are required to follow the Colorado Regulations Governing the Health and Sanitation of Child Care Facilities and maintain up-to-date immunization records. Additionally, prior to the construction, remodeling, or modification of a child care center, contact one of our Tri-County Environmental Health offices. For new construction, a plan review packet must be filled out and submitted for review, along with the fee associated with the review. Once construction is completed an onsite opening inspection and approval is required by the health department. 

To seek a variance of the rules and regulations complete a variance request form. The requestor must present an undue hardship on the person, facility, or the community and meet minimum health and sanitation requirements. For embryology units where chicks are hatched OR for a non-plumbed portable handwashing sink, also complete the applicable supplemental variance form.

Health Inspection Reports Online

Health inspections are available online for all restaurants, childcare, public/semi-public pools and body art / tattooing in our area from July 2013 to the present


Tri-County staff members provide education on sanitation, diapering, hand-washing, disease prevention, immunizations, healthy food choices, safe food preparation and other public health issues. 

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