Healthy Homes

Your home is a very important environment where you and your family may spend much of your time. You may be wondering if your home is making you or your family sick. There are steps you can take to ensure your home is a healthy place to live. Tri-County Environmental Health staff can provide guidance and education on how to resolve potential health issues that can occur in and around the home. However, please be aware that Tri-County has limited or no legal authority over private homes including rental properties so we may not be able to make an owner or landlord fix a problem.



June is National Healthy Homes Month!

To achieve a healthy home, follow these 8 principles:

  1. Keep your home dry.
  2. Keep your home clean.
  3. Keep your home pest-free.
  4. Keep your home safe.
  5. Keep your home contaminant free.
  6. Keep your home ventilated
  7. Keep your home well maintained.
  8. Keep your home temperature controlled.

Reference the iTunes store for more information on the new Healthy Homes App!  The app offers practical how-to guidance on how to have a safe and healthy home, right at your fingertips. The app offers introductory information and guidance for consumers by teaching the “Principles of a Healthy Home”. For those users more familiar with healthy homes concepts, the app features detailed information by topic.

Sampling Services

Tri-County Health Department provides sampling for potential health hazards in your home such as combustion gases, mold, radon, particulates, dust, lead and noise. Some fees may apply. Call (303) 363-3030 for more information.