Landfills & Solid Waste

Landfills are regulated facilities that are permitted and approved for disposal of household, commercial, construction, demolition, and sometimes asbestos contaminated waste. Individual landfills may be permitted to accept some or all of these types of wastes.


Biosolids are the treated, solid residuals that remain after the treatment of wastewater. Biosolids are rich in nutrients and are used as a soil fertilizer. Biosolids land application sites are typically rural, agricultural properties that are permitted through the Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) Water Quality Control Division for the land application of biosolids.

Green Trash Can Overflowing with Trash Bags


Tri-County Health Department's solid waste staff conducts routine inspections at both landfill and biosolids land application sites to ensure that groundwater, the environment and public health are being protected.

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