Tri-County Health Department recognizes breastfeeding as an important and effective preventive measure to protect the health of mothers and their infants. The Academy of Pediatrics recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months, followed by continued breastfeeding for the first year or longer as mutually desired by the mother and infant. According to the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, in Colorado only 1 out of 4 infants are breastfed exclusively for the first six months of life and similarly, 1 out of 4 infants continue to be breastfed through their first birthday. Mothers need education and support to meet their breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeeding Benefits

Research shows that breast milk is the best nutrition for a child’s first year of life. 
Breastfeeding has been shown to promote the health and development of infants, as well as their immunity to disease. Breastfed babies have fewer ear infections, stomach and respiratory illnesses, and are less likely to become overweight children.  For mothers, some benefits of breastfeeding include a decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer and Type 2 diabetes. The nation benefits overall when mothers breastfeed. Medical care costs are lower for fully breastfed infants who need fewer sick care visits, prescriptions, and hospitalizations. There is less trash and plastic waste compared to that produced by formula cans and bottle supplies.

​Breastfeeding Goals

Healthy People 2020 national health goals for breastfeeding are that 81.9% of mothers will initiate breastfeeding, 60.6% of mothers will breastfeed at least 6 months and 34.1% of mothers will breastfeed at least 12 months. 

​Breastfeeding Information and Support

WIC offers free breastfeeding classes throughout the metro area! Be sure to take advantage of this special opportunity to meet other mothers and learn tips from caring, supportive staff on how to be successful with breastfeeding.
Join us live every Tuesday at 10:00 am and learn from your breastfeeding buddies! Log in each week on the Tri-County Health Department Facebook page and join in the conversation. Bring your questions and chat live with breastfeeding experts!
TCHD is excited to open Thornton's first Baby Café at Every Child Pediatrics, 9197 Grant Street, Thornton. Baby Café USA is a national network of free breastfeeding drop-ins, combining information with a relaxed, fun environment for moms to chat and learn from experts and each other! Join us every Tuesday from 1:00 - 2:15 pm in the first floor community room. 

For more information about breastfeeding, community resources and support contact Heidi Williams at 720-200-1573.