Chronic-Disease and Cancer Prevention Program

The Chronic-Disease and Cancer Prevention Program offers a wide variety of services, ranging from heart-disease screenings to breast-health screenings to nutrition counseling. All are geared toward improving our clients' overall health and quality of life. Prevention is, after all, the best medicine.
Screenings in Family Planning
For women 18 and older, take advantage of the unique opportunity to see if you're at risk for diabetes or high blood pressure. To qualify for these services, you must be enrolled in Tri-County’s Family Planning Program.
Have your blood pressure, glucose, hemoglobin A1C, if needed, and body mass index (BMI) evaluated. Then talk one-on-one with a health educator. Together, you can discover helpful ways to eat a healthier diet, shed those pounds you swear you're going to lose, and lower your risks for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Screenings in Peak Wellness
In addition to the services listed above, you also receive screenings for breast and cervical health in the Peak Wellness program.  These include a breast exam; a mammogram, if needed; a pelvic exam; and Pap and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) tests, if needed.  You'll also have your cholesterol checked and find useful resources to quit smoking, if you're ready. Peak Wellness is for eligible women ages 40-64.
PLUS, after clinic, you'll be able to take advantage of:
  • 3-8 personalized health coaching sessions or
  • the Diabetes Prevention Program -- all at no cost to you.
Heart-Health Screenings in the Community
For men and women 18 and older, get your cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure checked where it's most convenient for you. We come to you and make it easy for you to know your heart-disease risks.  You can also speak with a health educator to see what steps you can take to reduce those risks. 
Heart-Health Screenings in the Community

Tri-County Walks
Tri-County Walks promotes heart health -- one step at a time. Join our walking group today. All ages and fitness levels are welcome! 

Or call Nora Suarez at 303-363-3038.