Child Care Immunization Audit

Child Care Immunization Audit Program
The Child Care Immunization Audit Program is an interdisciplinary program created at Tri-County Health Department with Nursing and Environmental Health (EH). Nurses assess the immunization records of children aged 0-4 years attending child care in Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties that meet the EH criteria for an on-site inspection.

Nurses work with the centers to meet set standards that include 95% of children having immunization certificates on file. In addition, each center must meet a standard of 85% children having documentation that shows that they are up-to-date (UTD) for age-appropriate immunizations.

Centers must meet both standards to receive an approval letter for their health and safety inspection. The program is partially funded by inspection fees paid by the child care centers.

Since program inception in 2007, registered nurses have visited an average of 200 centers per year and reviewed records for over 12,000 children each year, ensuring those children are as fully protected as possible from vaccine preventable disease.