Land, Air and Water

  1. A - Z Recycle Guide

  2. Air Quality

    Information about indoor and outdoor air quality in Colorado.

  3. Green Living

    Learn how to live "green."

  4. Home Chemical Waste

    Find our about household chemical round-up events and how to properly dispose of chemicals.

  5. Land Use Program

    Find out how keep our communities growing and healthy.

  6. Landfills & Solid Waste

    Find out more about local landfills.

  7. Lowry Landfill

    Gain details on the Lowry Landfill Superfund Site Oversight Program.

  8. Rocky Mountain Arsenal

    Acquire information on the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Oversight Program.

  9. Septic Systems

    Review details on how to obtain permits provide care for onsite wastewater systems (also known as septic systems).

  10. Site Assessments

    Information on Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) and how to request an ESA.

  11. Sewage & Chemical Spills

    Information on who to report to in the event a chemical spill occurs

  12. Water Issues

    Find out where your drinking water comes from.