Food Trucks & Push Carts

The convenience and variety offered by food trucks and push carts has fueled the continued growth of the street food industry. Entrepreneurs are drawn to the flexibility and reduced start-up costs of mobile food facilities in comparison to a conventional food business located within a building.
Push carts are typically human powered, with the vendor standing behind or outside of the cart to serve food, which is generally limited to those items requiring very limited preparation, such as hot dogs.

Food trucks and trailers are mobile kitchens having room inside for the vendor to prepare and serve food through windows. Mobile trucks and trailers typically feature a broader menu, limited only by the imagination of the vendor and the equipment that can be made to fit. Trucks, trailers, and carts are all required to physically report to an approved commissary daily for servicing. Trucks, carts, and even hot and cold temperature-holding equipment may also be licensed to vend packaged foods, such as sandwiches, ice cream novelties, and burritos. 

Food Trucks and Push Cart Forms