Healthy Farmer's Markets

There are Healthy Farmers Markets in Adams County for the summer season!

 Locations include the Anythink Huron Library every Tuesday morning and the Anythink Wright Farms Library every Thursday late afternoon.  These markets will start the first full week in July and end the second week in October.  These markets go beyond the more typical craft vendors seen in a market by having health related vendors and offering RTD vouchers, accepting SNAP and offering a benefit to WIC participants.

The collaboration that supports these Healthy Farmers Markets includes the City of Thornton Community Outreach Coordinator, Thornton community member, TCHD Nutrition staff, Anythink Library staff, Lulu’s Farm, Millers Farm, TCHD Adams County Regional Health Connector, and the American Heart Association. 

Three teenage boys came to the market and bought peaches and mangos.  They brought their fruit into the library where the librarian praised them for having fruit for their snack.  They replied that they usually stop at the corner market and get chips.  Because they saw the farmer’s market, they chose fruit instead!  One example of when fresh produce is readily available, people will make the healthier choice!

This Farmer’s Market offers:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables  
  • Accepts SNAP
  • Provides a benefit to WIC participants
  • Cooking demos and classes from Cooking Matters
  • Recipe and nutrition information
  • Preventative health screenings and check-ups with local medical providers from the community
  • Education on diabetes classes
  • Hunger Free Colorado enrollments
  • RTD vouchers
  • Vendors also include cottage foods and crafts
  • And so much more!

 All are welcome. See you there! If you require more information, contact Judy Fowler, jfowler@tchd.

Important Update:

The last Healthy Farmer's Market scheduled for October 10th at the Anythink Wright Farms Library has been cancelled due to expected snow and cold temperatures.  Thank-you for your wonderful support all season and see you next year!

Famers Market Flier 2019 Spanish Version
Farmers Market Flier 2019
  1. Judy Fowler

    WIC Mgr, Community Gardens,Healthy Farmer's Market
    Phone: 720-200-1525