Public Health Orders

Public Health Orders

The statewide Public Health Order 20-36-COVID-19 Dial expires on April 16, 2021. To ensure residents and visitors to Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas counties stay safe and healthy while more people have the opportunity to get vaccinated, Tri-County Health Department will have two orders in place: 

Summary of Requirements

Face Coverings/Masks (counties that opted out of the TCHD mask order remain under the state order)

  • Face coverings are required to be worn by any individual 11+ years old when indoors in a public indoor place. 
  • Fully vaccinated individuals may follow the CDC guidance related to vaccination to determine when a mask/face covering is not required in private spaces
  • Face coverings are highly recommended as a low-cost, effective disease prevention measure, even in the spaces that do not require it. Please see CDC’s Guidance for Wearing Masks for additional guidance. 

Phased Reopening through a Simplified “Dial”

Each county will move to the next less-restrictive level based on their Dial metrics as of April 16, 2021. 

  • Phase 1: Moving Toward Full Re-Opening, April 16 - May 15 (30 days): Counties will remain at their new level on the Dial. For example, a county at Level Yellow on the Dial on April 15 will move to Level Blue on April 16 and remain there until May 16. 
  • Phase 2: Observation Period May 16 - August 16 (90 days): Counties will move to Level Clear, subject to TCHD observation of hospital admission rates in the County. Level Clear includes only restrictions required by the State and face covering requirements.

Changing Levels

In Phase II, starting May 16th, each county will be assigned to Level Clear and will move between Levels based on the rate of hospital admissions of County residents. Counties will be moved to more or less restrictive Levels if experiencing rates reflective of more or less restrictive Levels for 7 consecutive days over a 14-day rolling average.

Level Clear: 0-2 hospital admissions of County residents per 100,000 

Level Blue: 2-3 hospital admissions of County residents per 100,000 

Level Yellow: 3-4 hospital admissions of County residents per 100,000 

Level Orange: 4-5 hospital admissions of County residents per 100,000 

Level Red: More than 5 hospital admissions of County residents per 100,000 

Level Purple: More than 5 hospital admissions of county residents per 100,000 population and hospital capacity is threatened.

Capacity Allowances 

Capacity allowances differ for each Level designation. Any business or activity not specifically addressed in the Order or capacity chart may operate at an indoor or outdoor event, depending on whether the business or activity is indoors or outdoors. There are no capacity restrictions or requirements in Level Clear.

Personal Indoor Social Gatherings 

For indoor personal gatherings, follow the CDC guidance on gatherings.

Hygiene, Cleaning and Disinfecting


Ensure proper ventilation and maximize ventilation by upgrading air filters and opening windows whenever possible.


Post signage in public areas:

  • That face coverings are required to enter any public indoor space.
  • About good hygiene practices, including washing hands and distancing.
  • Reminding individuals to maintain physical distance. 
  • Prohibiting anyone showing any symptoms or signs of illness from entering.
  • Ensure all signage is easy to follow and in languages employees and customers understand.

Business 5 Star Certification

Counties may choose to continue their Business 5 Star Certification Programs in compliance with CDPHE requirements.


What is different about the TCHD Masking Order? 

Between the TCHD Order and the Governor’s Masking Order?

  • The Governor’s Order allows Counties to opt-out of the requirements under Level Green, TCHD’s does not.
  • The Governor’s Order allows groups smaller than 10, regardless of vaccination status or setting, to gather without a mask, TCHD’s does not.
  • The Governor’s Order allows groups of vaccinated individuals to gather without masks, regardless of setting and without a maximum number of individuals, TCHD’s does not. TCHD’s Order does allow individuals to follow CDC guidance for vaccinated individuals in small-group personal settings.

Between TCHD’s previous Order and this Newly Amended Order?

  • TCHD has removed the requirement to wear masks outdoors when 6-foot distancing is not maintained.

What requirements are staying in place in this new simplified Dial?

In Level Clear, starting in Phase II on May 15th, all capacity restrictions and Mitigation Requirements for All Sectors are removed. Businesses and individuals in Level Clear may still be subject to orders from the state and indoor mask requirements.

In all other Levels, Mitigation Requirements have been simplified to ensure consistency across industries and to limit requirements to only those that are most critical in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Requirements include:

  • Adhering to capacity limits based on Level designation and activity/industry
  • Observing 6-foot distancing between non-household members, with limited exceptions
  • Following CDC’s Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility guidance.
  • Maximizing ventilation whenever possible
  • Hanging signage

What requirements are going away?

In Level Clear, all requirements are going away at the local level. In all other Levels, businesses and individuals must comply with a new simplified set of Mitigation Requirements as outlined above. All industry specific requirements have been removed including:

  • Requirements to collect customer contact information
  • Requirements to thoroughly symptom screen customers and employees. Employees and customers who have been exposed to a known positive case or who are exhibiting symptoms or signs of illness must still stay home.
  • Requirements to clean some surfaces every hour or after every use. Must now follow CDC guidance.
  • The prohibition on some activities including self-serve buffets and bounce houses
  • Requirements to wear gloves beyond industry standards
  • The prohibition on shared equipment and shared surfaces
  • The requirement to be seated while eating and drinking outdoors. In indoor spaces, masks may only be removed when seated to eat or drink.
  • Requirements to sanitize products before reselling

Are there any restrictions on Outdoor Events?

In Level Clear, there are no restrictions on Outdoor Events. Under Levels Green and Blue, Outdoor Event capacity is only limited by the requirement to observe 6-foot distancing. See the capacity chart in Appendix A of the Order for more information on capacity limits in more restrictive Levels. Except in Level Clear, all Outdoor Events must comply with the Mitigation Requirements for All Sectors, including 6-foot distancing.

This Order does not require any plan review or approval for Outdoor Events, but your local permitting office may require COVID-19 plans. TCHD is available to provide technical assistance on event planning. You can request assistance by emailing

Expired Public Health Orders

The following Tri-County Health Department's public health orders are no longer in effect: