What is TCHD Doing?

How is Tri-County Health Department Responding? 

Our public health professionals throughout the state are working closely together with CDC, CDPHE, and other local county and municipal partners responding to the situation carefully and sharing information.

We have a strong disease surveillance system in place that includes local partnerships with our hospital and clinic systems. Finding cases quickly and responding to them effectively is key.

Our Public Health Incident Management Team has also been activated. This is a common practice for us in preparing our communities to respond to and recover from threats and emergencies.

We are providing timely information to our communities and reaching out to our community organizations to provide information and answer questions.

In addition, we are sharing guidance for specific audiences, supporting requests for information, and logistics as soon as it is available.

We know that this information is changing quickly and misinformation is circulating. Get the most accurate information on our website here, www.tchd.org/COVID-19, the CDC, and CDPHE.