Can rabies be prevented?
Rabies can be prevented. Vaccines are available for domestic animals and livestock. These vaccines can prevent companion animals such as dogs and cats from getting rabies from wildlife. Horses, cattle, and other livestock should also be vaccinated, especially since it is hard to know if pastured animals have been exposed to rabid animals. If our dogs and cats and other animals are vaccinated they will not get rabies,
and they will not be able to spread rabies to us. A veterinarian should administer rabies vaccines.
There are rabies vaccines for people too. Vaccines that prevent rabies can be administered after a rabid animal bites people; this is called post-exposure prophylaxis. People in some professions such as wildlife rehabilitators, animal control officers and veterinarians can receive rabies pre-exposure prophylaxis. These people are at higher risk of being bitten by rabid animals because of their jobs, and will benefit from getting the vaccine early in their careers before they are exposed. Unlike people, animals cannot be vaccinated for rabies after they are exposed to a rabid animal.

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