How do I open a restaurant or grocery store?
All foods sold or served to the public must be from an approved facility. All must have at minimum a 3 compartment sink, a handwashing sink, a water heater, a mop sink, and a restroom containing a toilet and a handwashing sink. All equipment must be commercial, and all floors, walls and ceilings must be smooth and easily cleanable. If you intend to build your establishment, you must submit a plan review form and have it approved prior to the start of construction.
If you instead plan to purchase an existing establishment, you will need to have a change-of-ownership inspection conducted. Having secured an approved facility, you will need to obtain a Sales Tax License from the Colorado Department of Revenue, complete and submit an Application for a Retail Food Establishment License, available from your local Tri-County Health Department office, along with the appropriate license fee.

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