Sewage & Chemical Spills

When a sewage or chemical spill or release occurs in Colorado, there are a number of reporting and notification requirements that must be followed by the business or individual responsible for the spill. Releases can come from a variety of sources whether it be a business, private residence, transportation accident, storage tank, sanitary sewer, pipeline or oil and gas well. For all hazardous substance incidents, the local emergency response agency must be notified immediately by dialing 911. The party that owns the spilled material is the responsible party. If the responsible party is unknown the responsible party then becomes the land owner.

Sewage and Chemical Releases to Water

A release of any chemical, oil, petroleum product, sewage, etc., which may enter water of the State of Colorado (which includes surface water, ground water and dry gullies or storm sewers leading to surface water) must be reported to Colorado Department Public Health and Environment immediately at 1-877-518-5608. Any accidental discharge to the sanitary sewer system must be reported to the local sewer authority and the affected wastewater treatment plant.

Spill Notification Number

24 Hour Emergency Response and Incident Reporting Line 1-877-518-5608

Guidance Documents