Meth Lab Cleanup Consultation

Illegal methamphetamine home laboratories (meth labs) have been a problem throughout Colorado. Meth production contaminates surfaces, drains, ventilation systems and furnishings with hazardous chemicals. Residual toxins may pose serious health threats to persons exposed to the meth lab environment and to discarded materials.

Labeled Confiscated Meth Lab Equipment

In the past, the majority of illegal meth labs were reported by law enforcement following busts. In recent years, meth labs have been increasingly reported during real estate transactions either by a potential home buyer, seller or real estate agent.

In 2009, Senate Bill 09-060 (PDF) was enacted to expand the definition of illegal drug laboratory. As a result many more properties are being reported.

The Colorado Regulations pertaining to the clean up of methamphetamine labs (CCR 1014-3) have been revised with an effective date of December 14, 2014. Individuals and companies involved in meth lab assessment, sampling, and decontamination are now required to attend and complete approved training and certification requirements.

The Tri-County Health Department Regulation (IDL-20) for the Decontamination of Methamphetamine-Affected Properties was adopted by the Board of Health on February 1, 2020 and will be effective March 1, 2020.  

Upon request, Tri-County Health Department can provide oversight on the cleanup of meth labs, while working closely with other local agencies, property owners and certified cleanup contractors to ensure that the affected property is properly cleaned.

Certified contractors performing cleanup activities must be properly trained. Post-cleanup sample results must meet the state cleanup standard of less than or equal to 0.5 ug/100cm². A final clearance sampling is conducted by Tri-County Health Department prior to allowing re-occupancy.

Regarding cleanup procedures, requirements, and Tri-County related costs, contact Kayla Lesperance, Public Health Industrial Hygienist at 303-363-3030. Find Certified Methamphetamine cleanup businesses from the Colorado Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division.