Health Issues of Marijuana Use

Colorado has legal dispensaries for both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Although the products are well regulated, there are a number of public health concerns surrounding the use of marijuana. 

These concerns include the use of marijuana during pregnancy and breastfeeding, the impact on growing brains and bodies of youth, the purity of edibles, driving while impaired, and the health effects of inhaling first- and second-hand marijuana smoke and aerosol. Below are links to resources with up to date health information and research regarding marijuana.

Marijuana Plant

Colorado Resources

Marijuana During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

Information for Parents, Teens and Youth:

Driving and Marijuana: 

Colorado Regulations and Licensing: 

(Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment) These links provide public health information from credible local and national sources. Always contact your healthcare provider for specific questions and concerns about your health.