Hepatitis A Information and Resources

handwashingHepatitis A is a virus that causes inflammation of the liver. The most important way to prevent hepatitis A is to get vaccinated. Washing your hands thoroughly after using the restroom and before eating can help stop the spread of disease.

Are you at risk?

Although anyone can get this highly contagious liver infection, certain groups of people are at higher risk, including:

  • Men who have sex with men
  • People with chronic liver disease
  • People traveling to countries where Hepatitis A Virus is common
  • People who use injection and non-injection street drugs
  • People experiencing homelessness and those serving them.

Where to get the vaccine?

The most important way to prevent hepatitis A is to get vaccinated. 

  • Ask your doctor or visit vaccinefinder.org
  • Call our vaccine clinic at 303-451-0123 for information about where to get free or low-cost confidential vaccines

Additional resources, including print materials

Review our Hep A fact sheet to learn about symptoms, how you get it, how to protect yourself, and treatments for preventing it.


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