Water Testing

Water Testing KitWe do not have a water testing laboratory; however, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Laboratory Services Division does test water samples for private citizens. If you need guidance to help determine what to test for, please contact our water program specialist, Jennifer Charles at 720-200-1670.

Resources from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment 

  • Water Testing  - Learn about homeowner water testing. You can place an order, either online or by phone, the laboratory will send you sample bottles appropriate for the tests you order. Follow sampling instruction carefully to ensure the most accurate results.
  • Water Testing Fees and Packages - Review the current list of well-testing packages, individual water tests and more.
  • Water Testing Online Ordering Form - Complete the online ordering form for well owners, private citizens and realtors.
  • Certified water testing labs - Review list of labs. Some of the private companies listed do not test for water; and, most cities and pubic water suppliers do not accept samples from private well owners.

How to understand laboratory results

Have you had your private well water tested recently by an analytical laboratory? Is it a challenge to determine what the numbers mean to your health? Would you like an easy-to-use means to understand the test results? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Colorado State University has a free online Water Quality Interpretation tool that might be what you need.

TInformation about bacteria in well water Opens in new windowest your well water yearly for bacteria

Keep your family, loved ones and guests safe by testing your well water every year for bacteria. Know when to test your well, how to test, how to read your results, and when to follow up  by reviewing our bacteria in well water flyer.