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Welcome Partners! Communication around the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be complex in making sure we get accurate information to as many people as possible. We could not do this without your help. Whether you are communicating with leaders, the public, colleagues, or multi-sector partners, this page has exclusive resources for you.

Life with COVID-19 CampaignPrint Materials
Blurred image of a group of friends hanging out around a table in the backyard with masks onLife with COVID-19 awareness campaign encourages everyone to keep using all of the behaviors we have learned to fight COVID-19 that keep the virus from spreading as we begin to take steps to return to the new normal or "Life with COVID-19." Our goal is to have everyone engage in all of the ways to prevent COVID-19 and to continue to get preventive care.

Download, republish, and share images on your channels:
Flyer for businesses with a white mask icon and yellow and blue background Opens in new windowBusiness Mask Required Sign

8.5x11 Print  |  11x17 Print

8.5x11 Print |  11x17 Print 

Find additional business signs available to print and share on the Business Support page under the Print materials tab.

Prevention, Sick and Symptoms Materials 

Find COVID-19 recommendations materials available to download or print on our Print Materials page.

Isolation and Quarantine Fact Sheets

Print or share how to care for someone who has COVID-19 or how to isolate if you or a loved one has COVID-19.

  1. Our Local Communication Resources
  2. Mental Health 
  3. State and National Resources

COVID-19 Resources to Use and Republish

We added some tools and resources to help you and your teams communicate effectively to your communities about COVID-19. We hope this will serve as a great source of support and inspiration for your communications teams. Please check this site frequently for updates and share these materials as appropriate. 

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Access social posts and images on Google Drive in the Partner Communications folder.Share YouTube videos from our Tri-County Health Department studio
printer-covid-iconClipboard with COVID-19 and arrows to other pop-outs Opens in new window
Get print materials for your office or workplace in multiple languages. You can also print our isolation and quarantine fact sheet (En español) and Home Care Advice for COVID-19 (En españolAccess guidance documents for COVID-19, sorted by the audience.

Need additional resources or have questions? 

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