Working Together to Improve Mental Health and Reduce Rates of Suicide

We appreciate your interest in our work and encourage you and your organization to review our strategic and coordinated mental health and suicide prevention frameworks for communities. Tri-County Health Department is not a direct service. We partner with local organizations to increase access to care and build awareness. This information is not meant as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

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Get Help and Support

Anyone who is at risk should seek immediate assistance from emergency personnel or call 911. 

If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs help dealing with a crisis, connect with a trained professional by calling 1-844-493-TALK (8255), texting TALK to 38255, or using the chat available from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. daily at

Mental Health Framework and Suicide Prevention Frameworks

The Mental Health Framework and Suicide Prevention Frameworks were developed for Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas County partners and any agency who would like to join us in making an impact on our communities.

The goal is to involve multiple sectors in working to achieve the overarching outcome of a mentally healthy, suicide-free community where individuals have a feeling of hope for their future, a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives, and feel they belong in their families, communities, and culture.

We invite all community partners to review these two new frameworks. We hope you see alignment with your work and the frameworks spark ideas and opportunities to partner with us to improve mental health and prevent suicide across the life course in our community.

Get Involved

Join this collaborative of local partners by emailing to get started on building your community’s framework. We welcome all agencies that have interests that align with the goals of these frameworks. 

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The Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Frameworks adopted by Tri-County Health Department were informed by a regional asset and gap analysis and community input.    

The purpose of these frameworks is to ensure that everyone involved in mental health and suicide prevention has the opportunity to:

  • unite cross-sector collaborations using collective impact
  • leverage opportunities to create choices for services and resources
  • educate on risk and protective factors for mental health and suicide
  • involve people with lived experience to guide service design and delivery, and
  • support the continuum of mental health supports and services

These two new frameworks are similar as they both share a common set of elements, with a focus on the unique role of public health along the mental health continuum of health promotion, prevention, treatment, recovery and reclamation of health. You will find the suicide prevention framework is embedded in the mental health framework, as suicide prevention is inextricably linked to mental health. 

Important Protective Factors for Good Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is important to recognize that there are a variety of upstream factors that can affect risk or influence protection for individuals.  Improving health outcomes in our communities can start by increasing protective factors, such as:

  • Social Connection
  • Community Support
  • Being Active

Learn more about risk and protective factors for mental health (SAMHSA) and suicide prevention (CDC).

Advance the Health of Our Communities

The frameworks are designed to act as a catalyst for implementation of shared strategies among cross-sector partners working to improve mental health and prevent suicide in the Tri-County Region. We have a lot of momentum to maintain and we can advance strategies and actions related to the frameworks together. 

Connect with us today by emailing as we work together to improve our overall community health.

Mental Health FrameworkSuicide Prevention Framework
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Join Us and Support Our Community 

We are successful together. Working alongside other mental health and suicide prevention experts and advocates is key to being successful in supporting our communities. Connect with us today by emailing as we work together to improve our overall community health.