My child care center was built before 1978. What are the concerns regarding lead paint and renovations / repairs?
Half a million U.S. kids are estimated to be affected by lead paint. Often, exposure carries with it some level of irreversible physical and intellectual damage. These cases are directly linked to renovations and repairs on pre-1978 buildings where lead dust was created and not adequately contained and cleaned. Children should not be exposed to any amount of this dangerous metal and providers can help this effort by making sure their child care centers are lead-safe.

Renovators and contractors doing work that disturbs paint in child-occupied facilities and homes built before 1978 are required to work in “lead-safe” ways. The EPA lead web site tells about lead’s hazards, preventing lead exposure, living safely in pre-1978 buildings, and what “lead-safe” means. The page “Operators of Child Care Facilities” informs operators in older buildings that they either 1) get lead-safe certified if they are doing repairs/remodels themselves, or 2) that they advisedly hire a lead-safe certified firm. A concise EPA handout on providers’ responsibilities is available.

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15. My child care center was built before 1978. What are the concerns regarding lead paint and renovations / repairs?