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Plan Review Submission For Food Establishments

  1. The Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS) require that complete plans and specifications be submitted, reviewed, and approved before any construction and/or remodeling can begin on a retail food establishment.
    Please review the following links. These documents will help guide you through the plan review process.
  2. Complete the checklist below once all necessary application materials are ready:
    Items drawn to scale that include at least:
  3. Enter all required information and upload all necessary documents. This form must be completed in one session. You will not be able to return to update it. This form can only be completed in one session.

    The application fee for a plan review is $100.00 for each plan review submitted. A Tri-County Health Department representative will contact you by phone within 24 hours to collect the application fee via credit card. Once paid, a plan review specialist will contact you within 14 business days.

  4. Please use the boxes below to upload the required documents as part of your application:
  5. 20MB max
  6. Includes at least equipment schedule, plumbing, and electrical/mechanical. (20MB max)
  7. 20MB max

  8. 20Mb max
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  10. 20MB max
  11. 20MB max
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  14. I understand the application is not considered received until payment is processed.*
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