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1. What are some health risks associated with body art procedures?
2. Do I need a license to perform Body Art?
3. What are the local regulations for Body Art facilities?
4. How do I open a Body Art facility in Tri-County Health Department’s jurisdiction?
5. Can I open up a Body Art facility in my own home?
6. What can be done about someone tattooing from their home/unlicensed facility?
7. Can I report a Body Art facility if they are performing body art on underage persons?
8. What is the easiest way to obtain the hepatitis B vaccine?
9. Can Tri-County Health Department recommend a Body Art facility?
10. Is blood borne training required by the Tri-County Health Department?
11. How often will my Body Art facility be inspected?
12. What are the inspection fees?
13. Will Tri-County Health Department pro-rate the inspection fee?
14. Will the Tri-County Health Department accept partial payments?
15. How do I know that my tattoo procedure will be conducted in a sanitary manner?
16. I recently got a tattoo and I think the area is becoming infected. What should I do?
17. Are there any concerns about getting a tattoo while pregnant?
18. Are there any concerns about getting x-rays if I have tattoos?
19. What are the risks of using a home piercing kit?
20. Can I donate blood after getting a tattoo?
21. Does Tri-County Health Department inspect at temporary body art events?
22. Does Tri-County Health Department inspect mobile body art establishments?